Tech Christmas Gift Guide from PAIR Mobile

//Tech Christmas Gift Guide from PAIR Mobile

Tech Christmas Gift Guide from PAIR Mobile

PAIR Mobile

Mayo Captain Aidan O’Shea only trusted PAIR Mobile to have his phone fixed this summer

For The Sustainable Technophile Who Supports Irish

Ireland’s most trusted, Irish and family-owned tech service brand PAIR Mobile offers a stand-out selection of gifts for the technophile or clumsy person in your life, particularly if you are someone looking to support an Irish family business this Christmas, after these tough few years. PAIR Mobile provides the latest and greatest in the world of tech and has the perfect WOW gift or stocking filler for everyone.

For the clumsy person you love

Have a clumsy family member or friend? The type who gets a new phone and the screen is cracked a few months later? Irish, family-run gadget repairs group PAIR Mobile offers the speediest and most trustworthy repairs in Ireland. Trust, reliability and speed of service are what sets them apart. Their stores are in Dublin, Cork and Limerick, but brilliantly you can also post your gadgets to them to be fixed from anywhere in Ireland and they will send them right back to you, good as new. Repairs start from as little as €25.

Preloved Phones – good as new & MUCH better for your pocket & the planet

Pre-loved will not mean un-loved for your Christmas giftee. PAIR Mobile’s full range of preloved smartphones has been rigorously tested and refurbished with premium parts only. PAIR exclusively use Huawei and Samsung Original parts and even their preloved iPhones get the 5-star treatment with only Grade A parts used (the best service possible without going directly to Apple).

Most Preloved devices are at least 90% original, so there’s no Frankenstein’s Monster here! To put everyone’s mind completely at ease regarding buying pre-loved, all devices come with a free 12-month warranty. You can buy this trustworthy preloved phone in store from one of the brand’s locations across Ireland or online at,

Buying preloved is FAR better for both your pocket and the planet. Afterall, the making of a new smartphone takes as much energy as recharging and operating the same phone for an entire decade! So, you can feel a little smug you’re making a much kinder purchase decision.

Mophie-Universal Wireless-Charging Hub-Black-UK – €59.95

 This wireless hub is soon to be your favourite desk accessory. Forget needing multiple (ugly) plugs and sockets. The Mophie’s wireless hub charges all of your devices, regardless of the brand, in one convenient place, but at a much lower price point than all leading competitors. The team in PAIR Mobile put a huge amount of research into finding the highest quality product for the best value.

Featuring a wireless charging surface and three USB power ports, cable clutter is a thing of the past. Universal wireless charging hub with USB-A and USB-C ports. Suitable for USB-C and USB-A devices.

 Take it a step further with this universal wireless charging mat, which charges up to four devices at once (€159.99), plus an additional USB device. The sleek design and intuitive markings make charging multiple devices smooth and easy.

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