Sunday Times poll boost for Coalition

//Sunday Times poll boost for Coalition

Sunday Times poll boost for Coalition

Sunday Times opinion poll indicates big rises in support for Coalition and Enda Kenny despite 59% dissatisfaction rating with Government

A Sunday Times opinion poll suggests an increase in support for the Government and a fall for Sinn Féin with Fianna Fáil unchanged. 

Satisfaction with the Coalition rose 11 percentage points to 35% compared to the newspaper’s last poll in September and is the highest rating for the Government in the newspaper’s polls in over two years. 

The poll indicates dissatisfaction with the Government at 59%. 

Excluding undecided voters, Fine Gael is at 30% (up five percentage points).

Fianna Fail with 21% and Labour on 11% are unchanged while Sinn Féin on 15% is down three percentage points. 

Independents and others are at 24% – a drop of two percentage points – while the Green Party is on 3% .

This Sunday Times/Behaviour & Attitudes poll was carried out from 3-15 December in the lead up up to the bailout exit with a sample of 934 eligible voters. 

The period also followed a difficult time for Sinn Féin which included fallout from the Smithwick Tribunal. 

Of the party leaders, Enda Kenny at 44% is up 10 percentage points on the previous poll. 

Micheál Martin at 43% and Eamon Gilmore at 32% are each up six percentage points on last time. 

Gerry Adams at 33% is down eight points – the lowest satisfaction level for the Sinn Fén leader in the Sunday Times ‘Behaviour and Attitudes’ Poll since the General Election in February 2011.

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