Reboot Reveals How Many YouTube Views to go Full-Time

//Reboot Reveals How Many YouTube Views to go Full-Time

Reboot Reveals How Many YouTube Views to go Full-Time


Reboot Online Marketing, a digital marketing agency has utilised data from to establish how many YouTube views people in 44 European countries would need to earn the same amount as the net average salary in their country.

First taking into consideration of YouTubes monetisation system or the ‘Youtube Partner Program’, allowing people to make money from people watching ads on their video. This requires a minimum of 1,000 genuine subscribers and over 4,000 valid watch hours from viewers in the last 12 months.

Reboot found the people from Liechtenstein would have to amass 16,692,251 views on their channel to generate ad income equal to their country’s net average salary of €58,644 in their country. In second place, Switzerland residents would need to accumulate 15,421,983 views on their videos to make their country’s net average salary of €54,144.

Then there’s Luxembourg at 12,204,612 Denmark at 12,174,375, and Norway at 11,318,448 of the European countries that would need to surpass 10 million views to match their countries’ net average yearly income. Ireland is in the seventh position, with citizens in the country who would need to gain 9,388,291 views on their YouTube channel to earn enough ad revenue to match the €32,976 net average salary in the country.

At the other end of the list in the 43rd spot is Armenia, its citizens would need to amass 850,611 views to earn enough ad revenue to match their country’s net salary of €2,988. Online search data from online analytics tool Ahrefs, showed that there is high interest in making YouTube a viable career path, these google searches show that.

“How to create a YouTube channel?” -182,900 average global searches per month, “How to make money on YouTube?” 85,600 searches per month, “How to monetise YouTube videos?” – 34,600 searches per month and “How much money can you make on YouTube?” at 19,100 average global monthly searches.

Advice for Becoming a YouTuber

As part of their report Reboot also included some top tips for people aspiring to become a YouTuber. First, they say you need to have a concrete reason or plan for it other than just trying to make money off it.

You will ideally want to create a channel that showcases your opinions, passions, and expertise on a subject area that you enjoy and you are genuinely invested in. This will give your channel a clear focus and ensures consistency of some form, as you will put more work in and upload more frequently if you are invested.

Second, they note to identify the type of content you want to specialise in or focus on, it will be on you to stay ahead of the curve and relevant. Look out for developments in trends in your niche and provide your opinion or expertise.

On the same note, create fun and engaging content where you can integrate things like infographics, question and answer formats, and collaborations with other YouTubers into your videos to add more depth and discussion around your views, predictions, etc.

Finally, they emphasise the importance of showing gratitude to your following as it will take time for regular uploads to amass them, try and make each video better than the last. Followers that you attain in the early stages should be engaged with via comments, thanking them for their support, and do not shy away from constructive criticism as feedback to improve your channel and inquire on what content they would like to see you do, cater to your audience.

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