Putting the Heart Back into Business, with Andrew Thorton

//Putting the Heart Back into Business, with Andrew Thorton

Putting the Heart Back into Business, with Andrew Thorton

Andrew Thorton

On this Podcast, Diana Paiva is joined by Entrepreneur, Andrew Thorton. He talks about his book Putting the Heart back into Business, in which he advises how business owners can lead their businesses in the best way.  He values the importance of a healthy environment between employers and employees, and he mentioned that business leaders shouldn’t only care about profit. He also explains sustainability in companies.

Putting the Heart Back into Business, with Andrew Thorton

About Andrew Thornton

Andrew Thornton is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and advisor and coach to business leaders who see that businesses can be a force for good in society.

Along with his partner Eudora, he developed the heart way of doing business in his award-winning London supermarket, Thornton’s Budgens. Together they founded Heart in Business, whose purpose is ‘to uncover the authentic leader in us all, trusting that profit will follow’. He lives, writes, speaks and coaches the principles of Heart in Business on a daily basis.

He considers himself to be a ‘visionary heart surgeon’, having demonstrated that helping business leaders to open their hearts is the best way to build a sustainable and profitable business.

He was the co-founder of social enterprises The People’s Supermarket and Food from the Sky, and founder of the consultancy SRCG. Prior to that, he worked at Mars and Ogilvy & Mather.

He is co-author of “Putting the Heart back into Business”, which comes out in April 2022.

Holding a Masters degree in Marketing from University College Dublin, Andrew splits his time between London and the Allgäu region of South Germany. He has two sons and a daughter. He loves to ski, run, swim and cook and eat great food!

About Diana Paiva

Diana is currently interning with Irish Tech News. She graduated from Birkbeck University, with a degree in modern languages and she is currently doing a master’s in Journalism at the University of Roehampton. She has an interest in technology, fashion, and the environment. Starting her master’s in journalism made her realise that she has a passion to report and write people’s stories. After graduation, her main priority is to find a job in communications or public relations. Diana Paiva is active on social media platforms, including Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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