PAC to hear evidence from Rehab management

//PAC to hear evidence from Rehab management

PAC to hear evidence from Rehab management

Thursday 10 April 2014 06.44

Frank Flannery and Angela Kerins have said they will not be attending the PAC hearing today Frank Flannery and Angela Kerins have said they will not be attending the PAC hearing today

The Public Accounts Committee meets today to examine payments made to Rehab by the HSE, Government departments and others.

Former Chief Executive of Rehab Angela Kerins and former Director Frank Flannery will not be attending today’s hearing, despite repeated calls for them to attend.

The PAC has described the reasons given by Mr Flannery for not attending as “nothing short of contemptible”.

The Committee also rejected claims that Ms Kerins was treated unfairly at its last meeting.

The committee’s views are contained in letters to their solicitors following the decision of Ms Kerins and Mr Flannery not to attend.

In a letter from her solicitors yesterday, Angela Kerins cited ill health for her non attendance today.

Her solicitors also said it was unfair that she had been subjected to questioning for seven hours with one short break at the committee’s last hearing.

Her legal representatives also clarified that she was not correct when she told the committee that her salary had not been reduced this year

In a lengthy and strongly worded response, Frank Flannery cited his rights as a private citizen and described as inadequate the fact the committee had not provided him with specific requests for information.

Last night in a letter to Ms Kerins solicitors, the committee said that on her full recovery, it hoped she would be in a position to assist them if required.

In its response to Mr Flannery, the committee described the reasons for his non attendance at today’s hearing as nothing short of contemptible.

It also stated that it reserved the right to take further evidence from relevant parties including him.

The committee will hear evidence later this morning from Rehab management, who have been advised by Frank Flannery and Angela Kerin’s legal representatives not to divulge their remuneration packages.






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