New ResHub app will help nursing home residents to stay connected and socially engaged

//New ResHub app will help nursing home residents to stay connected and socially engaged

New ResHub app will help nursing home residents to stay connected and socially engaged


An innovative award-winning software platform that aims to improve resident wellbeing by facilitating improved communication between residents, their families, and nursing home staff, ResHub, is being piloted by two innovative nursing homes in Ireland – Oaklodge Nursing Home in East Cork and Dublin-based Beaufort Day Care Centre.

The ResHub platform has been developed by Health Innovation Hub Ireland and researchers at Trinity College Dublin and UCC in response to extensive research showing that when older care home residents actively participate in managing their own wellness, they remain more socially engaged and empowered to live a longer and more fulfilling life.

The platform, which is available on android or iOS devices, was recently named as health category winner in the prestigious EU social impact start-up competition, Impact Shakers. It is designed around the premise of relationship centred care and was developed to benefit not only residents, but their families, staff, and care organisation leaders, delivering a connected and engaged experience for all.

The technology enables user friendly connectivity between residents, staff, family, and services, allowing users to communicate with each other easily by video and text messaging. They can organise and schedule visits, book activities, pay bills and give feedback to care providers. This new tool directly enhances the daily lives of residents and improves health outcomes while also driving operational efficiencies for nursing homes.

Commenting on the benefits of the platform, ResHub co-founder, Sean McLoughlin said, “The vision of ResHub is to help older residents have a more connected experience, which in turn enhances their daily wellness and quality of life. ResHub is about person centred care. It aims to optimise the social, information, and process relationships between residents, families, and staff. It ultimately enhances resident wellbeing while also driving operational efficiencies for providers.” 

Diarmuid Ó Dálaigh, owner of Oaklodge Nursing Home said, “Our focus is on enhancing the quality of life of our residents and we have been exploring all kinds of ways of doing this. The ResHub platform breaks down all barriers and ensures connectivity between residents, family, and staff at all times. We have been trialling the software in conjunction with Health Innovation Hub Ireland and researchers at UCC who are monitoring outcomes and we are incredibly happy with the results. We plan to keep using the platform going forward as its various functions are rolled out.”

ResHub has a range of benefits for residents, family and staff. It helps reduce the risk of social isolation for residents and promotes active daily living; maintains strong family relationships; helps residents feel informed and connected to daily community life; boosts independence and self-advocacy; empowers residents to give feedback on their wellness and satisfaction; and ultimately enhances their wellness and health outcomes.

It allows families to plan visits easily, receive regular updates, maintain strong family relationships, and have full transparency and connectivity to care home community life. Staff also benefit as the platform allows them to digitise workflows across the resident’s daily life, gives them access to resident information at their fingertips enabling them to spend more meaningful time with residents in their care.

Sean McLoughlin added, “ResHub is backed by research and designed by people who understand healthcare. Weaim to help older adults age successfully with a sense of inclusion, dignity and empowerment and we were absolutely thrilled to win the health category at the recent Impact Shakers Awards, recognising the social impact of our vision here at ResHub.”

Oaklodge nursing home, which specialises in care for people living with dementia, has continuously innovated since the pandemic to enhance the safety, quality of life and care of residents. The management team believes strongly in embracing new technological advances like ResHub to ensure the highest standard of person-centred care possible.

In 2020 Oaklodge became the first residential care home in Ireland to pilot innovative remotetemperature checking software that can detect early Covid-19 warning symptoms in staff.  They also introduced regular rapid Covid testing of staff and visitors in addition to fortnightly HSE testing and as a result have successfully managed to remain Covid-free since 2020 due to its strict compliance with HSE Nursing Home Infection Control Measures and the introduction of innovative new healthcare technologies.

In the early days of the Covid Pandemic, Beaufort began delivering meals on wheels to its clients and began serving the wider community as well. They now operate a successful meal delivery program with the support of the Lions Club. They also recognised that the lack of day care attendance for their clients was seriously impacting health and wellbeing of the clients themselves and family members. Phone calls to check in were not enough and the 5-minute interaction each day they had with a meals on wheels driver was of high impact.

This is where the collaboration with ResHub began. Beaufort saw an opportunity to not only engage meaningfully with clients via video chat, but also a way to assist in bridging the gap for the older person between not having and having the ability to obtain and use internet and technology access.

Funding was obtained for tablets and software from the DLRCoCo Demand for Digital funding stream. St Joseph’s Church in Glasthule reached out to assist in providing free internet to the Beaufort Residential Complex and the Day Care Centre itself and are working closely with Space X in the USA to explore the Starlink satellite internet access program. It is hoped that the collaboration between all parties will allow for increased well being and communication for the older person.

ResHub is a SaaS technology platform for residential care providers, designed in collaboration with Dr. Joan Cahill, from Trinity College Dublin, with continued ongoing research with University College Cork.

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