Modern 5G and 6G Networks Enable Edge Computing Technology and Advance StrongNode

//Modern 5G and 6G Networks Enable Edge Computing Technology and Advance StrongNode

Modern 5G and 6G Networks Enable Edge Computing Technology and Advance StrongNode


By Michael G. Hull

Modern technology has evolved at an even faster pace in the last decade generating cutting-edge innovations and breakthroughs – from artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, decentralized finance, to blockchain and crypto technologies.

Today, the world is highly connected more than ever. With the emergence of the next-generation cellular network, 5G is the latest iteration of the global wireless technology standard. Numerous countries are securing the availability of 5G coverage in their areas while there are places with limited availability. In 2021, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Hong Kong, and the USA lead the countries with 5G network availability and user connection.

Addressing Speed and Latency with Edge Computing and 5G Connection

Along with the advancement of mobile network technology, the 5G network offers faster data speeds, bigger capacity, reduced latency, and improved mobile network services than its 4G predecessor. The 5G network enables significantly improved features of the previous networks to deliver a better user experience and connectivity.

In comparing 4G and 5G speeds, the average 4G speed rate can reach from 10-50 Mbps (megabits per second) with a maximum speed ranging from 150 Mbps-1Gbps (gigabits per second) while the average 5G speed rate starts from 50 Mbps with a max speed rate of 1-10 Gbps. Speed rates may also depend on factors like wireless network connection, geographical location, and device unit.

The latest 5G network has another major improvement: low latency. Latency is the measured gap or delay between the data transmission and response. Under the 5G network, reduced latency means faster response to transmitted data in real time, improving the overall mobile network user experience, and opening up opportunities across various industries.

StrongNode powers mobile edge computing

The mobile network industry is fast becoming decentralized with the rise of the 5G network. Shifting to a distributed and decentralized model places the transmission and processing of data towards the edge or closer to the data source with the help of edge computing technology. 5G and edge computing goes hand-in-hand as 5G is necessary to improve mobile broadband network performance and minimize latency for faster processing of high-volume data and increased, even instant, response time. 5G mobile edge computing can provide improved services and performances in gaming on 5G-enabled devices, telecommunications, IoT sensors from manufacturing plants, food  delivery, video streaming, media, and entertainment among others.

This is where, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service tech company comes in. Leveraging edge computing technology, StrongNode aims to address high latency with the optimization of devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and eventually smart TV.  The StrongNode Edge technology will harness the underutilized computing resources.

CPU/GPU cycles, network bandwidth, and data storage – of digital devices commonly found in households, schools, and enterprises to build an edge network that can power the computing needs of other individuals, institutions, and organizations. With the proliferation of 5G-enabled devices, there will be an increase in the efficiency of use in computing resources leaving a higher percentage that can be shared with other users in the network.

StrongNode CEO and Co-founder Daniel Saito said that with the rollout of 5G/6G technology, StrongNode could develop products and services that will help democratize computing for the masses regardless of the digital divide between different societies.

With 5G/6G standards designed to have 10x or more faster network speed than the current 4G network, then 5G/6G can potentially enhance not only mobile broadband services but also support communication to critical infrastructure, and seamless Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, helping advance the work of StrongNode in blockchain-enhanced edge computing.

In line with the fast-paced development in modern technology, the concept of 6G network standard is now in the planning stage while the rollout of the 5G network and the benefits for 5G-enabled devices can be considered in their early stages. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affects the widespread coverage and adoption needed to accelerate investments in the development of  5G-powered services. StrongNode and its products and services like the dVPN edge nodes, StrongNode ID, and StrongNode Dashboard will continue to leverage 5G networks, edge computing, and blockchain technology to create optimum solutions for real-world computing problems.

About STRONGNODE is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service technology company and innovation lab that powers companies globally through its next generation of edge networking by uniquely harvesting a trifecta of idle compute resources and leveraging new blockchain technologies. We are delivering an on-demand, secure, and scalable node technology that will fundamentally reshape the future of how increasingly valuable compute resources are accessed and monetized. We are pioneering a new paradigm in digital connectivity.

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* Edge computing and 5G goes hand-in-hand to minimize latency in processing high-volume data faster and more efficiently in real-time, closer to the edge / end-user

* Edge computing addresses the issue of high latency on data processing

* Full 5G standards mean 10x faster network speed than the current 4G

* Concepts of 6G network are also being worked on in bringing modern advancements to mobile networks and technology

* However, the rollout of 5G and the benefits for 5G-enabled devices are not yet fully matured but the current pandemic drove the need to accelerate investments and developments to 5G-powered services

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