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Latest Graphic Design News

What graphic designers think about the Google logo
Also: subhead: Goo / Holds the World together." β€” Milton Glaser, graphic designer. "Seeing the Google animation for the first time, I felt I was looking at a Paul Rand logo. The alternating primary colors, the name turning into a G and the playful …
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Design + Social Justice Symposium to hold graphic designer panels, exhibits
That's what Stacy Asher, an assistant professor of art at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said the Design + Social Justice Symposium will be for anyone who attends. β€œThe symposium will examine the role of graphic design in creating messages that …
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University introduces new graphic design program
Point Park University is offering a new graphic design program that allows Multimedia majors to concentrate in graphic design. The program has aquired new classes and better preparation for real world work. β€œ[Point Park] has seen a need and a want …
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