How one Irish company grew and thrived during the global pandemic, Dara Keogh, GeoDirectory

//How one Irish company grew and thrived during the global pandemic, Dara Keogh, GeoDirectory

How one Irish company grew and thrived during the global pandemic, Dara Keogh, GeoDirectory

Dara Keogh, GeoDirectory

We catch up with Dara Keogh to learn more about GeoDirectory their innovative work in Ireland, and the challenges and opportunities they have faced since the global pandemic.

Dara Keogh, from GeoDirectory appears on the Irish Tech News podcast

Dara Keogh is the CEO of GeoDirectory, a cutting edge technology company. GeoDirectory provides a unique and definitive database of all 2.2 million residential and business addresses in the Republic of Ireland. Key to Dara’s role is the development of easy to use, intuitive services that help organisations capitalise on one their most important assets, namely their own data.

An MBA graduate of UCD, Dara rose through the ranks of An Post where he served in a number of sales and marketing management roles, before taking up the helm at GeoDirectory in 2007. Dara, who is regular speaker at business and tech conferences, specialises in innovation, data management, location mapping and address management. With a keen interest in marketing and consumer behaviour, Dara applies his knowledge to service improvements and continual upgrades for the business, crucial in such a fast paced sector

Dara uses his leadership skills to empower his team to help grow GeoDirectory’s client base and to manage a wide range of complex data projects. Helping clients increase their revenues through clever applications of data provides him with the greatest job satisfaction.

More about GeoDirectory

Jointly established by An Post and Ordnance Survey Ireland, GeoDirectory is Ireland’s truest source of complete, accurate address and location information services. Set up over 20 years ago to create a directory of all the residential and commercial addresses in Ireland, Geodirectorys database currently contains 1.9 million buildings and over 2.2 million addresses in the Republic of Ireland.

Using a team of data scientists and technology experts, GeoDirectory has created and now manages a definitive reference dictionary of addresses for all 1.9 million buildings that receive post in the Republic of Ireland, assigning them with precise postal and geographic addresses, ensuring location accuracy of 1 square meter for all. The combination of An Post’s intimate knowledge of every building in every village, town and city in the Republic of Ireland with the unmatched technology and geographical expertise of OSI, ensures GeoDirectory has the most powerful and sophisticated address database in Ireland.

Through this, GeoDirectory has developed an extensive business data toolkit that is used by businesses of all sizes, in all sectors and industries, from delivering pizzas to ensuring emergency services reach their intended location and a whole host of services in between. between. With customers ranging from Government departments to private organisations, put the power of Ireland’s most
comprehensive and accurate database to work for your business.

Some of our core data services below:
? GeoAddress
? GeoAddress Checked
? GeoAddress Fixed

For more information, visit our website at

Download our free award-winning app GeoFindIT to check out some of our data in action here.

Examples of use:

The ESB Networks, Ireland’s nationwide electricity supply company, recognised the challenge of matching each of their 1.9 million customers to the correct electricity substation and came to GeoDirectory for a standardised solution. The GeoDirectory GeoAddress Locator was able to pin every building down in Ireland to its precise geographical location, using the X,Y coordinates on longitudinal and latitudinal planes. This then allowed ESB to link every building to its correct
substation and provide every address with a unique “Meter Point Reference Number”.

For the Irish emergency services, GeoDirectory has become indispensable. GeoDirectory provides the emergency services with a fingerprint for every building in the Republic of Ireland – a unique, standardised address in the form of an eight-digit number, each pinpointed to an exact geographic location, therefore allowing the use their data to spatially locate addresses and plan route to reach their intended location within tight time constraints.

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