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Growing Up Trumped

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Social media has proven to be a catalyst that allows children to discuss their interpersonal problems online among themselves while being emotionally ill-equipped to understand some of these problems. You can take, for example, a twelve-year-old kid who discusses his problems via Discord, Snapchat, and Twitch,  and who gets badly misinformed at a young age.

The current generation of kids are all looking towards social media to resolve their problems, but they fail to realize that they are discussing these issues among themselves. Young children aren’t seeking the help of experts and are therefore being misinformed about their problems. Children are seeking advice from other children who are badly misinforming them about their current problems.

It leads to a conundrum of whether social media has become a bane or a necessity. On the one hand, it has made the world more interconnected than ever before. However, on the flip side, there is a hoard of misinformation available on social media. That is causing a problem because young minds can be easily influenced, and the negative influences they are coming across on social media are only going to ruin them.

They don’t know right from wrong and are seeking help from fellow kids who don’t understand the problems they are going through. They are ill-equipped to be advising these children and, as a result, are going down the path of destruction where they are not only giving the wrong advice but are misinformed about the potential problem in the first place.

Guidance from Poorly Equipped Peer Group

Social media has made the world more interconnected, but for young children who are asking about problems on social media, it has given more problems than solutions. Young children aren’t equipped to be giving advice to other children about the problems they are facing in their daily lives. With so much misinformation around on social media, it is a dangerous proposition to allow young children to use social media so much.

However, that is not the solution because the answer must come from within. The spread of misinformation on social media must be dealt with; otherwise, the current generation will be misinformed about the problems they are facing in their daily lives. They are going to grow up with the wrong perception of things and won’t have the analytical or problem-solving skills they need in life.

It’s a serious problem, and with the spread of misinformation on social media, it will only worsen. Young children are going online to discuss their problems or search for information, and they are not being guided in the right direction. An entire generation of young minds will be following the wrong information and that can’t be right. Something has to be done to stop the spread of misinformation that is abundant on social media.

Social Media and Mental Health

There is also a growing concern among the masses that these children are experiencing mental health problems the longer they are using social media. They must be restricted in their use of social media because there is so much misinformation abundant. People who claim to be experts on social media but only spit out misinformation are the most dangerous people to come across.

There has been a rise in mental health issues experienced by young children who use social media, and something must be done about that. The use of apps like Instagram and Facebook has to be curbed, and there has also been a noticed reduction of subscribers to these apps, which is a step forward in the right direction. You must look at which apps your youngster is visiting and where he is getting advice from online because there are many wrong resources around.

Young children are ill-equipped to judge right from wrong, so when they come across a piece of information or get advice from someone on social media, they don’t know what to believe. It is important to regulate their use of social media and ensure that they are only getting advice from the right channels and resources.

That has proven to be a massive problem for people because there are so many different channels that are abundant with misinformation on social media. You can’t possibly stop every channel, but you will need to start regulating the use of social media for young children. When it comes to the internet, young children don’t know what information is good for them and what is unreliable.

Growth of Disinformation on Social Media

People will always have their own piece of advice or opinion to share online, and that can be right or wrong. Social media has given everyone a voice of their own, and that is where the problem starts. You can’t expect everyone to be right and share what’s right with everyone. People have their own opinions, and you can choose to agree or disagree with them.

However, lately, there has been a dangerous trend of people speaking wrong facts and sharing false knowledge on social media. That is dangerous because young people and children also use social media to discuss their problems and interact with one another. When these young children encounter misinformation, they are ill-equipped to understand them and deal with them.

They don’t know right from wrong and can easily be influenced by misinformation. That can be a problematic situation because with so much negativity and misinformation in their lives, they will only go down a dark path, and that is where you don’t want them. You want children to access the right resources but regulating social media is not the right solution for them.

Children will always want to go online and discuss their problems, and people on the internet are strangers. With so many different applications around, it can be difficult to make people understand what is right and what is wrong. Children can also be easily influenced by information they come across online or what is shared with them by someone.

Children are often emotionally ill-equipped to handle their problems and discuss them with strangers on social media. They don’t realize that they are only adding fuel to the fire because their problem will not be resolved by strangers online. The current generation doesn’t realize that social media isn’t meant to be used for seeking advice or getting information.

Social media is only meant to connect you with other people and is meant to entertain you, not to inform you. With so much misinformation around, you can hardly tell what is right and what is wrong, and it is the young children that are the victims. You can’t stop them from coming online and sharing their problems, but there is a growing need to regular the spread of misinformation online.

How to Protect Your Child on Social Media?

It’s imperative that you keep an eye on all the social media platforms that your young child is visiting and get to know the platforms they are engaging and interacting with other adults. Social media can be a dangerous place for young children as there are all kinds of people interacting with one another. You don’t want your child being influenced by the wrong people on social media, which is why you must take steps to protect your child on social media.

You can ensure that you regulate their time spent on social media and keep an eye on the people they are interacting with because that can be a dangerous proposition. The kind of people on social media are not the ones you want interacting with your children because those are the kind of people who will do massive harm to your children.

You want to ensure that your child is getting a healthy amount of screen time and encourage them to seek their answers away from social media. Encourage them to ask you instead of strangers online because that is the one way you can control the amount of misinformation they can come across. Even if they have friends online, they aren’t equipped to help deal with the problems your child may be facing in their lives, and it is important that you understand that.


The amount of time your child spends on social media is directly proportional to the amount of information they are getting access to on a daily basis. If you can limit and control that, you will be doing yourself and your child a massive favor because they will then not go online on social media apps like discord and Twitter to get their information or seek advice about their problems from people online.

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