Global Grad Show unveils 150 game-changing ideas to change the world

//Global Grad Show unveils 150 game-changing ideas to change the world

Global Grad Show unveils 150 game-changing ideas to change the world

Global Grad Show

Global Grad Show, an initiative by the Art Dubai Group, is a programme for graduates in universities across the world whose research and ideas offer solutions to help solve major social and environmental issues.

Launched in 2015 and now in its seventh edition, Global Grad Show brings together academics from over 70 countries and 600 universities, from the world’s most prominent academic institutions to local colleges in developing markets, in fields ranging from biomedical engineering to urban design and data sciences.

Here is everything you need to know:

When and where is it on?

The virtual showcase with the 150 projects in this year’s edition is available on Simultaneously, the MENA Grad Show, a physical exhibition dedicated to social impact innovation by students from universities in the Middle East and North Africa will open, as part of Dubai Design Week, supported by Dubai Design District (d3).

How many years has it been going?

This is the 7th year.

What exciting things can people look forward to?

From Bhutan to Peru, from the US to Uganda; the unveiling of the 150 highly innovative academic projects will improve lives, support communities and protect the planet.

Part of the largest edition of Global Grad Show to date, the shortlisted entries, selected amongst 2,600 submissions from 70 countries, underline key shared concerns internationally, from infant care to net-zero cities, and illustrate the scale of the efforts – and combined approach – necessary to address them.

What opportunities are on offer for those attending?

Global Grad Show celebrates its innovators through a yearly showcase (held physically until 2019 and online since 2020) and year-round activations supporting graduates and professors on complementing angles: knowledge exchange, entrepreneurship opportunities and international exposure.

One of the programme’s new initiatives is the MENA Grad Show, launched in 2020. The physical exhibition celebrates academic talent from the region, showcasing the best social impact innovation projects in the fields of technology, science and design, as part of Dubai Design Week.

How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?

Visit for further information.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

In the wide spectrum of what innovation means and does, Global Grad Show projects sit at a very distinct position: their primary objective is to create positive net results for the world, either by solving existing problems or preventing new ones.

When we look at the volume and quality of these projects across the world, it’s possible to believe in a scenario where their impact outpaces complex global challenges. That alone is a very strong reason to support young entrepreneurial minds working inside universities. There’s probably no group better equipped to build positive change from the ground up.

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