Fixing Latency and Security Problems of VPN Connectivity, Colin Charles,

//Fixing Latency and Security Problems of VPN Connectivity, Colin Charles,

Fixing Latency and Security Problems of VPN Connectivity, Colin Charles,

In our highly digital world, connecting flawlessly and securely to the internet is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity. As the Chief Technology Officer of StrongNode, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service tech firm that is building a new way of pervasive and secure digital connectivity through a blockchain-powered protocol, Colin Charles shares the latest tech and product developments accelerated by the $SNE token launch in Q4 2021. 

StrongNode.IO CTO Colin Charles on Fixing Latency and Security Problems of VPN Connectivity

In this interview, he focuses on the dVPN (decentralized Virtual Private Network) product that will soon roll out as part of the StrongNode suite of products and services.

Get to know more about StrongNode and its dVPN solution from CTO Colin Charles:

How will you describe your role as the CTO of StrongNode? What makes StrongNode Edge technology stand out? 

Colin Charles: I was an early developer of The Fedora Project and I have spent my professional career building open source software since 1996 developing Linux, becoming an early employee at MySQL, and also co-founding MariaDB Server. I am fortunate to have known Daniel Saito, StrongNode CEO, for a long time before working together on this exciting project. As the Chief Technology Officer of, I am leading the team in creating the overall technology stack behind StrongNode.

There are not many projects in the blockchain space taking on a full open source approach, leveraging edge computing technology, and harnessing and utilizing latent compute resources with a crypto payments layer built on top of the infrastructure, as we do at StrongNode. On top of leveraging edge computing and blockchain technology, we’re rolling out a suite of products and services that include dVPN (decentralized Virtual Private Network), StrongNode ID, and StrongNode Dashboard to scale out our edge network.

As StrongNode harnesses latent compute resources in growing its edge network, how does the dVPN product leverage this decentralized network?

We are excited for the launch of our decentralized Virtual Private Network product. This will be our first Web3.0 offering where edge seeders of the StrongNode Edge network will become VPN exit nodes that connect to a fast, secure, and decentralized VPN service where they can lend their latent resources to earn $SNE rewards and power the edge network.

This dVPN product leverages the edge network and solves latency as data computing is deployed closer to the data source, in comparison to cloud VPN solutions where computing happens at a higher cost on centralized cloud data centers.

Establishing seamless VPN connections is a common issue. How will StrongNode dVPN deliver low latency to ensure high connectivity for the users?

VPN connection is a basic need today as we aim to keep data private. To solve high latency issues causing poor connectivity common to VPN services, we are establishing a network layer to the global network of devices under StrongNode. This will allow any edge network user to become a VPN exit point and be able to pop out of any node and connect to their home network anytime and anywhere around the world. Under the StrongNode edge network, individual users can become VPN exit nodes on a residential, non-commercial IP address.

How will StrongNode dVPN Edge Nodes keep data secure and encrypted?

With the tremendous growth in the amount of data being generated and processed on the cloud and centralized data centers in the last 3 years, data encryption for VPN is important as edge computing technology continues to evolve. Our CEO Daniel Saito emphasized that everyone should have the right to privacy because we are not in the business of taking advantage of private information and data of users by selling it to third-party companies.

Participating as node seeders under the StrongNode edge network will give users access to our VPN services. Harnessing the power of blockchain provides security and added encryption for the services and products on our edge network. Everything runs in the user space where all of the data and compute resources of our users will be encrypted and stored in a sandbox environment.

Based on the recent edition of the StrongNode Developer Diaries, the dVPN product is coming out as part of the StrongNode suite. What other details can you share about the dVPN?

Yes. The first product coming to the StrongNode suite is our dVPN (decentralized Virtual Private Network). Our community can expect this to be available Q2 of 2022 as we have been giving subtle hints about this product prior to this announcement on our latest Dev Diary update.

The team has been working on creating the VPN edge nodes as the first of many products for the StrongNode Edge Network. We have recently hired 5 C/C++ developers and network engineers to bring dVPN into reality. Our dVPN product will allow our users or edge seeders to connect their devices from anywhere in the world to a decentralized edge network.

As StrongNode scales its edge network, how will the VPN edge nodes roll out on the platform in the future?

Our dev team is working on building out the VPN Edge Nodes to provide a safe and affordable dVPN solution for our users. How will the VPN endpoint work? It will be the same as logging onto any VPN connection you are using now. Aside from dVPN, we are making a simple tray table app to ensure that end-users get on the dashboard with StrongNode ID. Get to know all the latest updates on StrongNode through our Developer Diaries with episodes posted on Medium along with podcast versions on Spotify.

About STRONGNODE is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service technology company and innovation lab that powers companies globally through its next generation of edge networking by uniquely harvesting a trifecta of idle compute resources and leveraging new blockchain technologies. We are delivering an on-demand, secure, and scalable node technology that will fundamentally reshape the future of how increasingly valuable compute resources are accessed and monetized. We are pioneering a new paradigm in digital connectivity.

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