Euro 2020, why football is not coming ‘home’, and watch out for Alipay NFT collectables

//Euro 2020, why football is not coming ‘home’, and watch out for Alipay NFT collectables

Euro 2020, why football is not coming ‘home’, and watch out for Alipay NFT collectables

Euro 2020

As the dust settles on a compelling Euro 2020, in 2021, England have to swallow their disappointment and wait at least another 18 months before trying to crack this international football lark. In the second minute of the final Luke Shaw scored an excellent goal, his first for England, assisted by Trippier. Trippier also scored his first, and currently, only goal for England in a major semi-final too. Unfortunately the parallels continued, after taking a 1 nil lead, England failed to finish off the game and, yes, yet again, their opponents got back into the game. 

You could see where it was going. Bringing on Rashford and Sancho was the right thing to do, it should have just been at the beginning of extra time, rather than the end of it. Instead Italy walked away with their first Euros triumph since 1968. Overall they were probably the best team in the tournament, and did enough in the final to take it back to Rome. Ronaldo also managed to steal away the Golden Boot too, courtesy of more assists than Schick who he tied with on 5 goals.

Euro 2020 watch out for Alipay NFT collectables

Ronaldo’s trophy, moving with the times, sponsored by Alipay and AntChain, is the first major international football Top-Scorer trophy to embed blockchain in its design. Alipay also has more interesting updates regarding the application of blockchain technologies, they are running an in-app campaign where football fans could earn points by doing various tasks during this tournament. For successful entrants there are 100 gold trophies, 500 silver ones and 1,000 bronzes, which are powered by AntChain’s NFT technology. 

For those wondering, NFTs are digital assets, often artworks, but not virtual currencies. NFTs are built on the blockchain and their unique qualities include immutability, traceability and transparency, and have already seen a keen uptake among artists, and also those creating collectables. 

NFTs provide an effective, reliable technology for identifying the ownership of digital works, which can significantly benefit digital creativity and help protect digital copyrights, increasing the income of content producers and facilitating innovation and the development of cultural and creative industries. In this context it is logical to see them growing in the sporting memorabilia sector too.

The Ant Group are part of a growing number of companies looking to use NFT digital works to mark unique events, in an accessible but collectable way for fans and supporters. It could be cool to have one for Luke Shaw’s half volley for example, but perhaps more traumatic to have one for England’s final three penalty kicks. Who knows what we might see by December 2022 and the Qatar World Cup.

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