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//DesignOps 101 Reviewed

DesignOps 101 Reviewed

DesignOps 101

DesignOps is a new concept that is in its early stages of development. Articles, handbooks and design ops documents are starting to appear online, signalling the start of its life cycle in earnest. What makes this book different is that this is one of a few DesignOps 101 publications co-written by leading individuals working with leading companies pioneering this approach. My review of this PDF copy by UX Pin Inc is freely available at and produced the following review.

The read by PDF versus hardback or ePUB on iBooks or Kindle was more a little more difficult than it need be as sections of the page were not aligned allowing for graphical styling of quotes by partner companies in this new DesignOps space. That said, the content from Chapter 1 to 6 over 65 pages was an interesting read for the most part and certainly of interest to anybody in Project Management, Design, Product, DevOps, Support, Development and just about any other facet of technology.

What it proposes has a defined and well thought out sense of execution in terms of carrying the design vision throughout the software development lifecycle via a holistic approach to product development. It starts off with some history mainly around the pioneering companies of this creative consistency approach to product development providing a user experience as designed versus as deployed.

The book moves into setting out the reason for the importance of DesignOps, its value at scale and how it coordinates progress, process and people into a more cohesive and effective outcome. It then looks at the potential impact of DesignOps, albeit at a high level. Standardization of process is a common theme thought out allowing for reuse and extension of essential tools like file/folder conventions, process templates plus more to be leveraged by a DesignOps professional. The book wraps up with advice on how to get started in DesignOps, which correctly advises problem definition before the development of a DesignOps approach.

Whilst the read was a little more difficult than it needed to be, the DesignOps concept as presented by the authors in this UXPin publication does have merit at scale and in my opinion, is a worthy read. Things to consider about its content are that the product tooling lists (e.g. Chapter 6 – DesignOps Tools) are not exhaustive. There are other vendors with comparable products that compete in the related spaces. Do bear this in mind when moving through the eBook.

Also, the concept of combining Progress, Process and People in this concept is not new. For example, I have led projects through my last career in particular sewing the requirements along with control points into the project plan to maximize efficiency on progress execution through the project’s lifecycle. What is new however is the approach and an interesting shift in operating paradigm to a design-centric approach. This is new to the best of my knowledge, and in my view, if done thoughtfully via good change management approved projects can be very successful on ‘at scale’ projects implementations.

John Mulhall @johnmlhll is a writer with Irish Tech News for over 5 years and also a DevOps and Infrastructure Engineer specialising in Cloud related technologies. You can learn more about John at

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