Crua XTENT Combo Maxx reviewed

//Crua XTENT Combo Maxx reviewed

Crua XTENT Combo Maxx reviewed


In this review we look at the Crua XTENT Combo Maxx, now available and is priced at €900. See more on their website here.

Crua XTENT Combo Maxx reviewed

With the Easter break nearly upon us, thoughts turn to holidays later in the year. Ireland is actually a potentially promising place for camping too. Sure no one needs to camp in the wet and rain, but with better and better weather prediction websites and apps now available it becomes increasingly more possible to accurately know what the upcoming weather is going to be like.

Crua are an innovative and interesting new Irish company who have been releasing a range of interesting and country appropriate products. This means that these are tents developed in and prepared for the Irish weather in all its elements. The tent went up easily, the kids enjoyed putting it up, and it seems fairly robust too, to survive being put up and down many times too.

This tent does go up quickly which is always an asset and it has also been designed to give you options for using it in both summer and winter. Which, as this is Ireland, may well happen within the course of a single day or even afternoon.

Crua are an interesting company to watch, with a new podcast and a varied and interesting presence on YouTube too. The Crua XTENT Combo Maxx is a successful product and it will be interesting to see what else they come up with next too.

More details about the Crua tent

Quick and easy set up.
Lightweight tents don’t need to be cramped
The tent that does it all
Spacious in Summer – Warm in Winter
Extremely roomy, standing tent. Get dressed standing up.
It extends vertically
A tent that can do everything – Extendable height – Cool in Summer Warm in Winter – Quick set-up – Insulated Inner tent – Gear storage
Inner Cocoon – set up in 60 seconds – sound dampening – Blocks light out – temperature controlled
Best nights sleep anywhere – wake up refreshed
Rainwater harvesting – built in pockets
Extendable porch
Premium grade materials
2 Year warranty

The Crua XTENT Combo Maxx is the perfect all-rounder tent and combined with the Crua Culla Maxx Inner Cocoon makes this combination the best camping experience bundled into one.

With two main poles connected you will have the XTENT Maxx up and ready in no time. The Crua Culla also has air-frame beams which provide an easy and hassle free setup for your convenience.

See more about the Crua tent here

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