14 02, 2016

How a Medical Coding Company Can Solve Your Coding Issues

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Busy healthcare professionals find it very difficult to manage patients and medical billing simultaneously. Documentation for insurance claims is to be done appropriately in time; otherwise it may lead to severe financial issues. So many physicians, dentists, chiropractors and other medical professionals seek the help of an established healthcare coding firm [...]

31 01, 2016

3 gynecology coding tips in the age of ICD-10

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3 gynecology coding tips in the age of ICD-10 Here are 3 tips for keeping abreast of gynecology coding tips in the first year of ICD-10. 1. Know definition changes. Under ICD-10, the documentation of trimesters is required, according to CMS. Trimesters are documented in weeks. The definitions are ... Read [...]

27 01, 2016

Conceptual Physics 12th Hewitt (BOOK ONLY, NO CODE) =International Edition=

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25 01, 2016

Check Your Tax Code! You May Have Overpaid Tax

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Oh, tax codes! How I used to loathe them when I first started training to be a tax advisor. They can be fiddly little things. If you get them wrong, the consequences can be quite severe. Your client might end up overpaying or, even worse, underpaying tax and at the end [...]