Airtame launches Airtame Cloud

//Airtame launches Airtame Cloud

Airtame launches Airtame Cloud

Airtame launches Airtame Cloud

Airtame today announced the official launch of Airtame Cloud, a new software-as-a-service product designed to make screens smarter. The open platform offers device management and access to a range of digital signage solutions, helping users create smarter offices, workplaces and schools with their screens.

Airtame Cloud — which has been available in beta for over a year, and is already used by 6,500 organizations globally — is a unified platform that enables users to manage and update their screens remotely. It was built on an open ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with a range of applications that can be used to create tailored digital signage, such as Google Slides, Microsoft OneDrive, Trello, Dropbox, and YouTube, with more integrations to come.

Airtame Cloud will allow users to:

— Manage screens remotely, freeing up IT administrators to change settings and conduct bulk updates with cloud access to Airtame-enabled screens

— Boost productivity and engagement, with personalized digital signage in meeting rooms, classrooms and common areas

— Save on power, by scheduling screens to turn on and off according to the office or school hours

— Avoid blank screens, by scheduling imagery and videos to play on loop

The launch of Cloud marks the evolution of Airtame as it continues to grow from a hardware to solution-centric business, with a strong focus on facilitating smart offices and schools around the world.

“With Airtame Cloud, we’re providing a solution that empowers our customers to boost engagement and productivity for employees, students and visitors, whether that be in the office, meeting room or classroom,” said Airtame Co-Founder and Co-CEO Jonas Gyalokay.

“Part of our vision at Airtame is to help enterprises and schools create smarter offices and classrooms. While this starts with screens, we imagine one day it could extend to all aspects of the workplace or classroom, with the potential to automate lighting, sound, room temperature and more.

“With the evolution of IoT, the possibilities to connect devices and screens are endless. As a starting point, Airtame Cloud will help schools and enterprises reduce their energy consumption by automating screens to turn off when they’re not being used. We’re looking forward to embracing technology to build additional hardware and software features of this kind in the future.”

Airtame Cloud will launch with two plans: Airtame Cloud Lite, a free version of the product that offers the essential features needed to manage and update Airtame devices, and Airtame Cloud Plus, a premium version that enables digital signage and additional features needed to create a smart office or classroom.

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