75% of students report being “worried” about their future career

//75% of students report being “worried” about their future career

75% of students report being “worried” about their future career

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Responding to a survey conducted by Hayes Culleton Group in conjunction with STEM South West, over 600 students in Ireland are worried about future career prospects. At secondary level education in Ireland, there are 2.5 male students for everyone 1 female student considering a career in tech, while just 1 in every 2 students can see any opportunities for them in the tech industry.

The findings were released on the day of the STEM South West Expo, an industry-run initiative to promote STEM in the region – Wednesday April 6th, 2022. This virtual event is free to Students, Parents/Guardians, Guidance Counsellors, Job Seekers and Career Changers.

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Speaking of the results, Marguerite O Sullivan, Chairperson of STEM South West,

“Finding out what these young learners are thinking and even more importantly what worries them is so important. It is incumbent on us in the industry to give them as much knowledge as we can so that they can make informed decisions which will have a positive impact on the choices they make for learning and development in the future. That is the exact rationale behind the STEM South West Expo – we wanted to give students an opportunity to see the wealth of possibilities that lie ahead. And I believe the Expo we have put together really delivers on that”.

Other key findings from the Hayes Culleton survey included:

—  75% of all respondents are worried about their future career (this includes concerns about whether they will love their job and make the right choice to concerns about whether their chosen field and skill sets will eventually be made redundant by technology and their capacity to adapt to that.

—  Fewer than 15% see the potential for a STEM career in the Environment and Sustainability sector.

—  Regional differences were apparent, for example, Cork teens hit more than double the national average in terms of worry expressed about future job, career and employment.

STEM SW Expo Visitors

Susan Hayes Culleton, MC at this year’s virtual Expo commented that, “The results demonstrate the timeliness of the Expo and the real need to communicate and engage with all students, but particularly girls, outlining the breadth and range of STEM roles, the impact a career in the sector can have in the context of climate change”.

STEM South West attendees are given the chance to meet with representatives of companies including: Pfizer, Gilead, Johnson & Johnson, Depuy Synthes and more and will be given a chance to discuss career opportunities with people that work within the various industries as well as those in educational institutions who can advise on study paths.

STEM SW Expo visitors have access to:

—  The Virtual Exhibition to talk with talented people with diverse skills and expertise happy to talk about their jobs and the role STEM has played in their career choice.

—  Speakers Corner which includes Michael Manning, Trackside Engineer with F1’s Team RedBull, Fionnghuala O’Reilly NASA datanaut and more.

—  Industry Panel Discussion on the exciting future for STEM.

Tickets can be booked at https://stemsouthwest22.vfairs.com/en/

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