6 Tips to Efficiently Work From Home

//6 Tips to Efficiently Work From Home

6 Tips to Efficiently Work From Home

Work From Home is the most glorified phrase currently used by thirsty companies in need of labour.

For the last 5 months, the world has been affected by the pandemic that has held its grip tight on the human race. Millions, if not trillions of people, have been cut off from their careers due to the seminal role of the lockdown announced in different parts of the globe.

There have been several interesting articles that came up concerning the trend of working from home. Most of them direct people to enjoy the work they are doing to appreciate getting paid at the end of the month and make an effort to at least imagine the plight of unemployed people and think of themselves as a worthy few.

Such clichéd advice is not cool when such a malady is waiting to knock on our doors. But as with the unemployed and the migrant, it is up to the country’s government to snuff out the unemployment problem.  What I intend to share is for the benefit of the worthy few who are lucky to at least be working now.

Working from home was supposed to be a temporary solution to mitigate the virus, but soon it became the new norm. Some people may feel their productivity has declined.  Here are six techniques that will help you work efficiently.

1. Consistency

Consistency is the key to the blooming of any effort; WFH is no different. Fix a location where you feel comfortable working and fix a time, say, from 9 to 5. The most important thing is to stick to that time and place daily as you would have had you been going to the office.

2. Take a rest

I can’t stress this enough because this is the most crucial point to make your work from home effective. When you start working, you inadvertently tend to get too involved in the work, which may make you feel stressed, which quickly turns your WFH into a difficult task.

Take enough rest in between; the ideal time is 45 minutes; once every 45 minutes, take time to roll your eyes, walk down to the kitchen, talk with people, grab food, etc. Studies have proven that, by doing so, you could improve your concentration.

3. Don’t Forget Family

People often get consumed by work. However, don’t forget your family. If you have children and if they come in with requests, take a moment to be with them and then get back; if that means that your end time exceeds, so be it. Once the end time is over, don’t brood over the stress from work. Devote your time to your family.

4. Create a work-like Environment

For most people, the most challenging task is to get on with the work atmosphere at home. As a solution to it, create a work-like environment in the place that you have fixed as your spot for work. Keep all your stuff that you otherwise regularly keep on your table at the office and create an environment every day, doing so instils in you a motivation to work every day.

5. Avoid Distractions

Atypical to the office setting you are associated with, there are many distractions in your way while working at home. These distractions include minor things like dogs, television, mobile phones, etc. Each of these things acts as a distraction to work and may lure your attention and concentration towards it, hampering the organization’s work. It is always advisable to avoid such distractions and remain detached.

6. Discipline

Don’t work a tad more than what is required !!
In our first point, we discussed being consistent and keeping an end time. This point emphasizes the value of having discipline. Here, discipline is all about maintaining and keeping your value for your word. While setting your start and end time, you must maintain a regimen to stop your work at the end time also. Generally, while setting time, the start time is set, but getting involved in work leads you not to follow the end time, and you end up working more than what is required and getting stressed. Hence, maintaining discipline on that front is also essential.

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